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IA Artificial intelligence





Artificial intelligence is already with us, Machines, devices, Automobiles, Airplanes, Drones, Telephones, Doors, Televisions, Smart architecture works. We move from machines programmed by a code to Droids capable of looking. listen and understand what they perceive to make decisions. How smart they can become is simply a matter of how much we perfect the Algorithm training, and how much experience it is able to acquire through its useful life. The way we occupy them and how we build them will result in the form they take. The human being with his infinite and wonderful creativity has managed to create these magnificent intelligent machines that once in operation will begin to make decisions, to create other machines and solve problems much more efficiently than we do. Likewise with the infinite selfishness of man I see very far the possibility that these autodroids are more harmful than their creator once they begin their autonomous learning process. The nature of things will intervene in their decisions, probably in favor of harmony, peace and respect for what exists. It is very likely that these intelligent machines become a great company for humanity



In the scope of this technological revolution are the unmanned aerial vehicles for civil use and that after a short while have positioned themselves as one of the most popular inventions. Transversal to all ages. and increasingly sophisticated and intelligent these toy-like flying machines are progressively invading our daily lives, Thousands of integrators around the globe are developing Drones of all possible sizes based on a universal knowledge, open and available to all those who want to know thoroughly how these aircraft are built. In just a few years it has become a giant industry generating millions of job and development opportunities. This is an invitation to all enthusiasts who wish to learn and experiment with this amazing personal observation tool that has come to change our lives. The technical basis and experience necessary to be an expert in this technology is undoubtedly extensive and will require severe hours of practical work to be acquired. For this reason it is very important technical training and operation training to turn the experience into positive results. The rules of use are very similar to the rules of Aviation and common sense must be developed in conjunction with the acquisition of knowledge. It will then be necessary a time to naturalize the machine and thus achieve successful operations.


Pyton /Linux /OPENcv /TensorFLOW /Caffe /ImageNET  /DeepNeuralNetwork


It is at the Software level that the idea of ​​Artificial Intelligence is born through deep neural networks and a way of programming through entry and re-entry of data, comparisons, recomparations and finally a response that will help us make decisions. The input data from images, sounds or other sensors in the environment are stored in nodes that we will call neurons. All this information stored in the neurons will interact according to how the algorithm is designed allowing an output or response that could be used to perform an action such as converse, move, act, turn on, turn off, interact with human beings or other robots with the same capacity. In the beginning our Droid will contain a set of information of images, sounds or other data coming from global databases like IMAGENET. Once the software is started in the Droid, it will begin to receive inputs from its own sensors, such as images from the cameras or measurement sensors that it has incorporated, thus giving way to the beginning of its learning while it is alive or on. The more information you enter into your system the richer it will be in the quality of your answers and therefore in the quality of your decisions. Equal droids located in different geographical locations will improve their capacity little by little in their respective environments making them then more capable in their own environment where they were turned on Learning algorithms put in place to look through cameras and listen through microphones They have already far exceeded man's ability to recognize the environment that surrounds him. This is just beginning, thousands of AI software are running right now and we are beginning to see interesting results in all areas. Softwares that paint, compose music, recognize faces, communicate with each other. The greatest art will be developed by programmers with sufficient sensitivity to configure the neural network as efficiently as possible in terms of prediction of the medium. Analogo to the Human Brain once learned, the channels are established for each type of response. A self-contained car will then require you to drive it manually in a certain environment before letting it drive alone. It can be complex to enter each of these disciplines and in fact it is, but the results are promising

To start programming, first of all we need a computer that has enough processing power to run a lot of images or results of sensors in real time in order to begin to dismember and analyze this information in different ways depending on how is the analysis algorithm devised. We will also require an open operating system such as Linux that allows us to communicate the processor with the different sensors, such as cameras or other types. Then we will get a graphical processing computer of the GPU type that has control inputs and outputs to connect the sensors. This computer will work as a companion to the main computer, be it a Drone, an Automobile or a PC. We will install the operating system in this case in a NVIDIA Texon TX2 brand integration computer that will allow us to load in the algorithm a visual recognition of characters such as numbers, or parts of a person's face, or retina, or we can also load an algorithm that identifies the transit lines to implement a self-contained car. The good thing is that we do not have to start creating the algorithms from scratch because they are already created and there are thousands available to start training. Also come pre-trained then just run these work, so the job will be to refine the way they deliver the results.

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