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Servicio tecnico 24/7 en todo el territorio nacional, Servicio de Repuestos, Integracion, Capacitaciones operacionales, Reparacion, Armado, Atencion a Empresas, instituciones y Gobiernos

Tel: +56 9 72120292
Mail: contacto@aerodrone.cl

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Plataformas Aereas no Tripuladas para

Mineria, Agricultura, Ingenieria, Inspeccion, Automatismo, Policias, Investigacion, Arquitectura, Ecologia,

Servicios, Vision Artificial

Desarrollamos Drones Multicopteros y Aviones para Aerofotogrametria, Mineria, Inspeccion,Agrimensura, Analisis Termal, Indices Agricolas, Filmacion, Reconocimiento, Busqueda, Agricultura de precision.
Daily Working Drones

We develop Multicopter Drones and Airplanes for Aerophotogrametry, Mining, Inspection, Surveying, Thermal Analysis, Agricultural Indices, Filming, Recognition, Search, Precision Agriculture.

Camaras Termales , Multiespectrales,

RGB, Scanner Lidar, Magnetometros,

Camaras con Zoom, Object Tracking,

Vision Artificial, Deep neural network

Machine learning, Sensores de proximidad, Estabilizadores de Imagen 

Servicio de Topografia LIDAR YellowScan

Thermal Cameras, Multispectral, RGB, Lidar Scanner, Magnetometers, Cameras with Zoom, Object Tracking, Artificial Vision, Deep neural network Machine learning, Proximity sensors, Image stabilizers Surveying Service LIDAR YellowScan


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Built with the best components for U.A.V.s integration
Greater flight times and better weather resistance
Just define the Aircraft and  Sensor that best suits your need
Construidos con los mejores componentes para integracion de U.A.V.s
Mayores tiempos de vuelo y mejor resistencia al clima
         Solo defina la Aeronave y el Sensor que mas se ajuste a su necesidad           
Artificial Intelligence Implementation of Deep Neural Network recognition algorithms

We implemented intelligent vision algorithms with TENSORFLOW / OPENCV / CAFFE under LINUX about company computers NVIDIA TX2 for Face Detection, Vehicle License Plates

Inteligencia Artificial Implementacion de algoritmos de reconocimiento Deep Neural Network
Implementamos algoritmos de vision inteligente con TENSORFLOW  / OPENCV / CAFFE  bajo LINUX
sobre computadoras de compañia NVIDIA TX2 para Deteccion de Rostros, Patentes de Vehiculos
Inteligencia artificial implementacion de algoritmos de reconocimiento  deep neural network
Advanced courses in field operation
Normally Drones are loaded with instruments that cost several or tens of times the value of the DRONE itself, which is why an adequate training is very important to protect the instrumentation
Normalmente los Drones son cargados con Instrumentos que cuestan varias o decenas de veces el valor del propio DRONE, es por esto que una formacion adecuada es importantisima para proteger la instrumentacion
       Cursos avanzados de operacion en terreno      
Aerial Laser Scanning Service LIDAR RIEGL
The highest Technology in Scanner Lasser with 5 echoes and millimetric precision
Servicio de Scaneo Aereo Laser LIDAR RIEGL
         La mas alta Tecnologia en Scanner Lasser con 5 ecos y precision milimetrica    
Aerial Laser Scanning Service LIDAR RIEGL
The highest Technology in Scanner Lasser with 5 echoes and millimetric precision
Servicio de Scaneo Aereo Laser LIDAR RIEGL
         La mas alta Tecnologia en Scanner Lasser con 5 ecos y precision milimetrica    
Wide range of compatible stabilized sensors and sensors
The entire range of DJI cameras compatible with our DRONES
CLICK and GO !
Amplia gama de Sensores y Sensores estabilizados compatibles
Toda la Gama de Camaras DJI compatible con nuestros DRONES
All the simplicity of DJI in a professional DRONE with 1 hour of autonomy
Toda la simpleza de DJI en un DRONE profesional con 1 hora de autonomia
Drone for multiple uses, Aerophotogrametry, inspection, analysis, research, Adapter for multiple sensors cameras in a CLICK and GO
Fixed Wing drone with a span of 3.5 meters, Up to 2.5 hours autonomy. Hybrid with vertical take-off for large-scale missions.
The AIRCRAFT complements the tasks carried out by the Multicopters, improving the speed of taking pictures as well as the flight autonomy, prepared for high-end sensors and resolution, Maximun Instrument load 2.0 KG
2.5 hours of autonomy, Cruise of 90 km / h, Maximum 112 km / h, 300 km of range
Fixed Wing Drone of 2 meters in span 45 minutes of Autonomy prepared for aerofotogrametric missions with sony sensor APS c for resolutions between 2 and 10 cm per pixel at 400 meters high, includes automatic parachute for the end of mission
Multi-engine gasoline hybrid / 6 hours flight
For long-term work, this multirotor can remain in the air for up to 6 hours uninterrupted. 3 liter gasoline tank, compatible with all DJI sensors, simple operation, removable structure
   AERHEX  160E  Hibryd   
   AERHEX  160AG   
Drone for fumigation and fertilization
Drone for fumigation with 2 hectares of coverage per flight, prepared for fumigation of trees, shrubs and plantations of low height
Drone Fixed Wing Double engine high efficiency 2 hours flight
   AEROTWIN  X2   

Drone Aerofotogrametria double motor high efficiency, prepared for SONY APC sensor s 24 MP, maximum height of flight 6000 meters msnm able to lift up to 1000 Hectares at 10 cm / pix on a single flight, Signal with 30km range

Drone Fixed Wing and Multirotor vertical takeoff 45 min flight
Hybrid Drone Vertical takeoff prepared for Aerophotogrametry with Sony APS sensor c 24 MegaPixels 45 minutes flight
   AERHEX 1200PRO   
HEXACOPTERO Professional Multifunction 55 MINUTES OF FLIGHT
Fly this Drone just like a DJI Phantom 4
Drone HEXACOPTERO for multiple use with 50 minutes of autonomy prepared for aerial photogrammetry, Camera with 30X Optical zoom, Thermal and Multispectral Analysis, Carbon Fiber Exoskeleton, high efficiency motors, detachable structure
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We serve throughout all North and South America for sale of Aircraft, Parts and Training
Atencion en toda Norte y Sur AMERICA en venta de Aeronaves, Repuestos y Capacitacion